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Brain Health for All; Support the World Brain Day 2022

On Friday, July 22, the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is hosting the 9th Annual World Brain Day. WFN is pleased to announce that this year's theme is Brain Health for All. The all-encompassing theme aims to spark a universal effort that will share crucial information needed to reduce the burden of brain disorders—for everyone.

Brain disorders affect billions of people worldwide and are the leading cause of disability, Better brain health starts with an increased awareness of what it means to maintain a healthy brain and a global understanding of the brain's important role for humanity.Prof. Tissa Wijeratne, World Brain Day Co-Chair

The primary pillars of this year's World Brain Day are awareness, prevention, advocacy, education and access.

  • Awareness: Brain health is vital for mental, social and physical well-being.

  • Prevention: Many brain diseases are preventable.

  • Advocacy: Global efforts are required for optimal brain health.

  • Education: Education is key to brain health for all.

  • Access: Equitable access to resources, treatment and rehabilitation is essential for brain health.

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