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Brain Health For All

Our Brains are absolutely amazing. Did you know that one in three of us are having a brain disorder as we read this blogpost now? Did you know that many brain disorders are preventable? That includes 80% of strokes, 40% of dementia and 30% of epilepsy. The list go on and on and on...

How can we prevent brain disorders? These are the twelve things we can do to promote brain health for all. Start today. One in three of us are having a brain disorder. We are nothing without our brain health. Our brains are the future for us and the future for humanity- future for One health. Majority of the brain disorders are prevntable.

  • Manage and address Mid-Life Hearing Loss

  • Invest on Education , learn something new today , learn about brain health. Be the best advocate for brain health today.

  • Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Manage Hypertension well

  • Address Physical Inactivity and be physically active , walk daily

  • Manage Diabetes well.

  • Do not get in to Excessive Alcohol Consumption - Safest alcohol level is zero in my book

  • Manage Weight /Obesity , watch what you eat ( plenty of fruits and vegetables, minimum carbohydrate ( remember, there is essential fatty acids, essenstial amino acids but nothing in the name of essential carbohydrate )

  • Avoid Smoking

  • Manage Depression ,anxiety, stress well. Be mindful and kindful . Cultivate good human qualities

  • Improve your social contacts and be the nicest human being you can be..

  • Avoid air pollutants

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